Vestibular / Concussion Rehabilitation

Vestibular / Concussion Rehab Tottenham



  • Vestibular Rehabilitation is a program which uses movement, exercises and education to alleviate inner ear dysfunctions.
  • When the vestibular organs are damaged with disease or injury, the brain cannot rely on them for accurate information about equilibrium and motion, resulting in dizziness, vertigo, balance problems, and other symptoms. Some recover from these symptoms without needing any treatment, while others find these symptoms can create a major disruption in their lives. 
  • Many individuals that have suffered with vestibular disorders for years find that their symptoms are alleviated with just a few treatments.
  • Our physiotherapists conduct thorough examinations to ensure concussions are accurately identified and appropriately managed.
  • Early intervention of various therapies can significantly improve recovery following a concussion.
  • A rehab program incorporating balance and visual rehabilitation program may help to reduce symptoms such as dizziness, visual abnormalities, concentration issues and memory problems, among other symptoms.