Surgical Rehabilitation

Surgical rehabilitation Tottenham


Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Medical research has shown that functional status prior to surgery is a predictor of outcomes and recovery post surgery, especially in older patients.
  • Good fitness, strength, and health prior to surgery can decrease post-operative complications, recovery time, and could potentially result in shorter hospital stays.
  • Common surgeries requiring pre-operative therapy are total hip or knee replacements.


Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Most surgeries incur at least some degree of pain, inflammation, mobility limitations, and swelling. We aim to minimize the inflammatory response, while maintaining muscle function and flexibility.
  • Recovery time depends on the type of surgery, age of the individual, physical fitness prior to surgery and other multifactorial issues.
  • Our physiotherapists can teach you how to perform tasks safely while following critical post-operative guidelines.
  • Common surgeries requiring post-operative therapy include: ligament and/or tendon repairs, joint replacement, back or neck surgery, hand or foot surgery.