Nordic Pole Walking

Nordic Pole Walking Tottenham



  • Nordic Pole Walking is based on cross-country skiing, and is an exercise and fitness activity that uses specially designed poles during regular fitness walking. 
  • Normal walking utilizes muscles in the lower half of the body while pole walking adds the use of your upper body muscles, your arms, back, shoulders and neck.
  • This activity can be useful for anyone that suffers from Diabetes, Lung Disease, Neurological Conditions, Osteoporosis, Obesity, or Joint Replacements.
  • Pole walking contributes to faster weight loss, better cardiovascular health, increased upper body strength and flexibility, reduced stress on hips and knees, and improved posture and balance.
  • It can help people recovering from knee or hip surgery to get moving again through the support from the poles.
  • Our certified Nordic Pole Walking instructor offers a free introductory session once a week. This session will discuss the history behind pole walking, the benefits it can provide, and will teach the proper walking technique.
  • If you would like to continue with private one-on-one classes after the introductory session, then please speak with your physiotherapist to see if this exercise could be beneficial for you.